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DVD Intimate Strangers -

Intimate Strangers


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An enigmatic woman seeking psychiatric help mistakes the office of her doctor for the tax attorney that works next door. Before he can correct her, she has already told the tax attorney too much about her personal life. Mutually committed now that secrets have been shared, they continue making appointments with each other, using the fluke of their meeting and their mistaken identities as a role play. Because Anna (Sandrine Bonnaire) is not seeing a professional analyst, she has no problem bending the truth of what she says and reinventing herself through each subsequent meeting. Meanwhile, William (Fabrice Luchini), who feels her neediness for him and receives her confessions with openness, imagines himself to be an emotional giant and romantic outlet, something his tax-attorney identity would never allow. By consulting his neighbour, the real psychiatrist (Michel Duchaussoy), William is granted the approval he needs to let his fantasy with Anna run its course. Director Patrice Leconte has a penchant for characters who pretend to be somebody they're not and in the process become that person (MAN ON THE TRAIN, GIRL ON THE BRIDGE), and this movie is his most pronounced meditation on that theme. The story, by Jerome Tonnerre, is likeable and passionate without ever being saccharine or predictable. While the majority of the film takes place in the conservative space of William's office, the strong characters with all of their quirks and subtleties create a current of mystery which is INTIMATE STRANGERS' greatest strength.

Rok vydania: 2005 Rozmer: neuvedený