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DVD Kill Zone [2005] -

Kill Zone [2005]


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Product Description

Martial arts sensation, Donnie Yen (Ip Man, Hero, Shanghai Knights) stars in this stunning new generation action-thriller from the team that brought you Ip Man, Flashpoint and Dragon Tiger Gate. Behind the dark shadows of Hong Kongs triad underworld, one man, Wong Po (Sammo Hung), rules with an iron fist. After years of dedicated service, veteran detective Chan (Simon Yam) finally puts him behind bars. However, on the eve of his trial, Po orchestrates the execution of the prosecuting attorney from his jail-cell, and walks away as a free man. Having been diagnosed with terminal cancer, Chan persuades his men to take the law into their own hands in a last desperate attempt to bring their arch-nemesis to justice. Ma Kwun (Donnie Yen), a detective inspector with a hard-as-nails reputation, begins to uncover their illegal methods and a bloody confrontation ensues. However, when Pos most deadly assassin (Wu Jing) begins to dispatch Chans team with lethal efficiency, he is compelled to join forces with Ma to take down the greatest criminal empire of their generation. Culminating in the long-awaited showdown between action legends Sammo Hung and Donnie Yen, Kill Zone combines knife-edge suspense and electrifying full-contact fight sequences to deliver a thrill-a-minute spectacular that s in a class of its own!

An ailing veteran cop whose relentless determination to do away with an untouchable gangster has led him to employ a series of unethical tactics finds his investigation complicated by the arrival of principled new inspector and the death of a fellow cop in this explosive underworld tale from SKYLINE CRUISERS director Wilson Yip. Facing an inevitable retirement, the beleaguered and cancer-stricken Detective Chan (Simon Yam) has grown desperate to put away Teflon-coated crime boss Po (Sammo Hung) -- so desperate that he even begins planting false evidence and tampering with video in hopes of making a charge against Po stick. As Detective Chan begins to grow accustomed to thoughts of retiring and make way for honest incoming Inspector Ma (Donnie Yen), the ongoing investigation hits a snag when an undercover cop who has infiltrated Po's gang is mysteriously killed.

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