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Kniha Chalcot Crescent (Fay Weldon) -

Chalcot Crescent (Fay Weldon)


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Atlantic Books: "* 'Really rather bonkers. Exceptionally good, but bonkers' - Daily Telegraph * 'This potent brew of social comment, dystopian satire, vicious comedy and vintage Weldon wisdom is a marvellous ride' - The Times * 'Sinister, clever, funny and vintage Weldon. Why hasn't she been made a Dame?' - Independent * 'Weldon back to her best - an apocalypse-very-soon-from-now delivered with her trademark warm-hearted cynicism and bone-dry wit' - Daily Mail * 'Sparkles with wit and acute observation... a clever jeu d'esprit' - Guardian * 'Reads like a first novel... it's so fresh and vibrant and funny. The funniest dystopian novel I've ever read. And I don't think it's going to date' - Boyd Hilton"

This is a wickedly sharp, history-bending, cosmos-colliding novel from one of Britain's most iconic authors. Meet Frances, Fay's might-have-been younger sister, an unreliable narrator who bends history and blends universes to create a sparkling and prophetic portrait of a once and future Britain. It's 2013 and eighty-year-old Frances is listening to the debt collectors pounding on the front door of Number 3, Chalcot Crescent. While she waits for the bailiffs to give up and leave, Frances writes. She writes about the boyfriends she borrowed and the husband she stole from Fay. She writes about the Shock, the Crunch, the Crisis and the Bite, about NUG the National Unity Government, about ration books and National Meat Loaf (suitable for vegetarians). She writes about family secrets...The problem is that fact and fiction are blurring in Frances' mind. Are faceless assassins trying to kill her younger daughter? Are her grandchildren really plotting a terrorist coup upstairs? What on earth can NUG have against vegetarians? And just what makes National Meat Loaf so tasty?

Rok vydania: 2010 Rozmer: neuvedený ISBN: 1848873069