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DVD Cold Prey/Cold Prey 2 [2006] -

Cold Prey/Cold Prey 2 [2006]


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DVD Description

Cold Prey: Following a gruesome accident, five friends' idyllic snowboarding expedition to the Jotunheimen mountains takes a turn for the eerie when they are forced to take shelter from a ravaging storm in an abandoned ski lodge. Empty and silent, the cavernous lodge seems deserted -- but there are secrets here. These secrets are long buried, thought forgotten and very, very dangerous. Before the night is out, those who survive will have discovered the true meaning of terror and looked into the very face of evil.

Cold Prey 2: In the winter of 2006 and five young friends meet a brutal death in the Jotunheimen mountain range of Norway. Only a young woman survived. Cold and weak Jannicke struggles her way back to civilization. In the small local hospital the personnel are going through their daily routines. But then the bloody and beaten young woman is brought in. Later Jannicke wakes up in her hospital bed. But the hospital is darkened and not a living soul is in sight. Alone she carefully steps out into the corridors. Is her nightmare not over after all?

In the Scandinavian thriller COLD PREY, five young friends head to the mountains for some snowboarding fun. But their winter vacation is cut short when one friend breaks his leg on the slopes and they are forced to take refuge in a seemingly abandoned hotel. Isolated and afraid, the friends soon realise that a broken leg is the least of their worries when Norway's most notorious serial killer makes his presence known...
In COLD PREY 2 – RESURRECTION, only one girl has survived the bloody events of the first film, but her ordeal isn't over yet! Frozen and weak, she somehow manages to find her way to the relative safety of the nearest hospital. But when the lights go out and everyone disappears from sight, she is forced to venture out into the darkened corridors alone...

Rok vydania: 2009 Rozmer: neuvedený