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Kniha Canon PowerShot G11 Digital Field Guide (Brian McLernon) -

Canon PowerShot G11 Digital Field Guide (Brian McLernon)


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John Wiley and Sons Ltd: Get the very most out of your Canon PowerShot G11 camera. Now that you′ve got a new Canon PowerShot G11 10.0 megapixel digital camera, take this handy book along to help you tap all the tricks and features that your cool new camera has to offer. Canon PowerShot G11 Digital Field Guide, sized perfectly to fit in your camera bag, includes pages of step–by–step techniques, beautiful full–color examples, and professional tips sure to help you capture exactly the images you want. Understand all the technology your new camera has to offer—such as new face recognition software, a 5x optical zoom, faster electronics, and much more—with this step–by–step guide. It′s so handy, you can check for tips while you′re shooting!
  • Provides no–fail techniques for getting the most out of your Canon PowerShot G11 digital camera
  • Walks you through the PowerShot G11′s new features and functions, including face recognition software, 5x optical zoom, RAW image format capture, a wider aperture than standard PowerShot models, faster electronics, and remote capture
  • Elevates your photography skills to a new level with photography secrets from professional photographer and author Charlotte Lowrie
  • Teaches you photography essentials and offers beautiful, full–color examples to inspire you on your next shoot
Move from standard shots to power shots with Canon PowerShot G11 Digital Field Guide.

From the Back Cover

Unlock all the power of your PowerShot G11 It′s no wonder the G11 is the compact camera favored by both professionals and serious hobby photographers. There′s its new dual anti–noise system. Higher flash synchronization speed. Enhanced DiG!C 4 image processing technology. And now, there′s this handy guide to explain how to set up your G11 and use every menu, setting, and control. Take it wherever you take your PowerShot and take great photos and movies — anywhere.
  • Set up your G11 and get familiar with the camera and lens controls, shooting menus, and exposure mode
  • Learn about the subtleties of light, white balance, and composition
  • Capture once–in–a–lifetime events in video and edit movie clips right in the camera
  • Explore the secrets of getting great portraits, event photos, travel shots, wedding pictures, and more
Inside – your free gray and color checker card to help you achieve accurate white balance and color

Rok vydania: 2010 Rozmer: neuvedený ISBN: 047056508X