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DVD Caramel [2007] -

Caramel [2007]


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DVD Description

Caramel is a deliciously indulgent and intimate account of five women working together in a beauty parlour. Beautiful Layal is oblivious to the gaze of a local admirer and instead fixates on a married man. Nisrine will soon be married but is afraid her fiancé will discover he isn’t her first lover. Rima has designs on one of her stunning, dark-haired customers. Jamal is an aspiring actress and is refusing to grow old, while ageing Rose is overwhelmed when she discovers true-love for the first time. As the women from different generations share in each others experiences and emotions, the beauty parlour becomes a colourful hub of friendship and wisdom. Caramel weaves a delicious tale of life and is as sweet and moreish as its title.

In this sweet and warm film from Lebanon, five women gather at a local salon to discuss their lives and loves. Director Nadine Labaki also co-wrote and stars in this comedy that played to acclaim at film festivals such as Cannes and Toronto.

Rok vydania: 2008 Rozmer: neuvedený