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Wonderland [1999]


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Set in present-day London, Michael Winterbottom's 'Wonderland' follows each of three generations of a family through one wintry November weekend during the city's traditional Bonfire Night celebration. Their respective places in life - from that of the mildly unhappy, ageing parents to those of the three searching daughters and estranged son to that of their young grandson - weave together in a vivid kaleidoscope that is simultaneously invigorating, depressing, challenging, and endearing. Winterbottom's choice to film 'Wonderland' on location in the pubs and streets of London in super-16mm, with a hand-held camera and natural lighting, gives the film a realism that is at once tragic and honest. Added to this is the entire cast who embody their characters so completely that one might forget they're even acting. Michael Nyman's despondently blissful score appears under the sped up and slowed down images of a dreary London, boldly expressing the characters' inner melancholy, making 'Wonderland' a film that retains a glimmer of hope even at its bleakest moments.

Rok vydania: 2006 Rozmer: neuvedený