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Crush [2001]


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Three forty-something women, Kate (Andie MacDowell), Molly (Anna Chancellor), and Janine (Imelda Staunton), gather weekly to swap stories, guzzle gin, and laugh about whose life is more pathetic, the prize for which is a box of chocolates. A constant problem for these ladies, who live in the sleepy hills of the English Cotswolds, is men--or the lack thereof. Kate, headmistress at a private school, finds a brief remedy in Jed (Kenny Doughty), a young organ player and a former student of hers. Her friends aren't supportive of her youthful love affair, causing a rift in their friendship. The strength of the group's bond is tested further by a tragic event that may pull the three of them apart forever.
This debut from director John McKay is a touching portrayal of the powerful bonds between women and lovers in an environment void of acceptance. With touches of pathos and a warm heart, CRUSH is an entertaining and witty rumination on adult concerns. The film benefits from a truthful, relaxed portrayal of romance from counterparts Andie MacDowell and Kenny Doughty.

Rok vydania: 2008 Rozmer: neuvedený