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Scenes Of A Sexual Nature [2006]


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Set over the course of a day on Hampstead Heath, North London, SCENES OF A SEXUAL NATURE looks at the relationships of seven couple. There’s a gay couple discussing what would happen if they decided to adopt a child; a couple who are in the process of divorce talk about how they became an item; a wife finds her husband staring at the underwear of a teenage girl; two people in their forties experience an awkward blind date picnic; an elderly couple look back on their love lives; a young man attempts to bed a recently dumped woman. Finally, there’s a man who has decided that relationships are far too difficult and prefers to use the services of prostitutes. Ed Blum’s insightful film looks at the complexity of various different relationships, what they have in common, and the rules that govern them.

Rok vydania: 2010 Rozmer: neuvedený