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Tiesto: Kaleidoscope


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Rok vydání: 2009

1. Kaleidoscope [ft. Jónsi]

2. Escape Me [ft. CC Sheffield]

3. You Are My Diamond [ft. Kianna]

4. I Will Be Here [ft. Sneaky Sound System]

5. I Am Strong [ft. Priscilla Ahn]

6. Here on Earth [ft. Cary Brothers]

7. Always Near

8. It's Not the Things You Say [ft. Kele Okereke]

9. Fresh Fruit

10. Century [ft. Calvin Harris]

11. Feel It in My Bones [ft. Tegan and Sara]

12. Who Wants to Be Alone [ft. Nelly Furtado]

13. LA Ride

14. Bend It Like You Don't Care

15. Knock You Out [ft. Emily Haines]

16. Louder Than Boom

17. Surrounded by Light

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