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Children Of Glory


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Set during the Hungarian revolution of 1956, CHILDREN OF GLORY follows the life of water polo player Karcsi (Ivan Fenyo, JARHEAD) as he battles Soviet athletes at the Olympics and Soviet troops in the streets of Budapest. Karcsi is a carefree university student who plays for the national water polo team. His life changes dramatically when he falls for political activist Viki (Kata Dobo, BASIC INSTINCT 2) and gets swept up in the revolution against the Soviet occupation, putting his life, his place in the water polo team, and his loved ones at risk. As the Russians brutally clamp down on dissent in Hungary, Karcsi and his teammates are drawn against the Soviets at the 1956 Melbourne Olympics in a match considered to be the bloodiest in water polo history.
CHILDREN OF GLORY has a fascinating story to tell and the film is aided by the Hollywood expertise provided by Hungarian expats Andrew G. Vagna (producer of RED HEAT) and Joe Eszterhas (screenwriter of BASIC INSTINCT). CHILDREN OF GLORY shows the issues behind the 1956 uprising but has many aspects of a mainstream Hollywood film, meaning that although it's a foreign film, its execution and style is very much indebted to American cinema. As a result, CHILDREN OF GLORY deserves to be seen by a wide audience.

Rok vydania: 2008 Rozmer: neuvedený