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Kniha The Story of Architecture (Jonathan Glancey) -

The Story of Architecture (Jonathan Glancey)


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Penguin Books Ltd: Jonathan Glancey conducts an inspiring journey through 5,000 years of magnificent buildings, from ancient Sumeria to the spectacular glass-and-steel towers of today's cityscapes. An unprecedented collection of full-colour photographs, artworks, and plans creates a memorable story of architecture.

About the Author

Jonathan Glancey lives in London and is Architecture and Design Editor of The Guardian, author of several architecture books and a regular TV and radio broadcaster who has written and presented programmes for the BBC and Channel 4. He has been assistant editor of the Architectural Review, editor of The Architect, and has contributed to a number of architectural and design magazines in Europe and the US.

Rok vydania: 2003 Rozmer: neuvedený ISBN: 0751348813