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Kniha Hokusai (Gian Carlo Calza) -

Hokusai (Gian Carlo Calza)


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Phaidon Press: "'This beautiful monograph... not only provides a comprehensive overview of Hokusai's work but also analyses his influence on Western artists. Immaculately reproduced artwork combined with research from both Western and Japanese scholars as well as intelligent commentary accompanying each of the amazing illustrations make this book worth every last penny.' (Creative Review); 'Comprehensive and splendidly illustrated... It is such as visually stimulating read that this has to be the art book I would most like to find under the Christmas tree.' (Frank Whitford, The Sunday Times, naming Hokusai as one of the top 5 art books of 2003); 'Superb reproductions make this probably the best introduction to this artist you can find.' (Wall Street Journal Europe); 'Gives us a true idea of the great range of Hokusai's work and its enormous variety... the finest of the new publications on Hokusai.' (The Japan Times); 'Even people who think they know Hokusai's work well will find surprises in the thoughtfully arranged book, which concludes with some striking examples of French art inspired by Hokusai.' (New York Times Book Review); 'This definitive compendium of beautifully reproduced prints, paintings, and illustrations by [Hokusai]... will change forever the way we look at his work. A series of scholarly, accessible essays - admirably free of jargon - provides illuminating anecdotes and fascinating information about Hokusai's milieu, and guides us through the stages of his lifelong obsession with art.' (Washington Post)"

Katsushika Hokusai (1769-1849) was one of the greatest of the Japanese print designers, painters and book illustrators, and by far the most famous Asian artist in the West. This richly illustrated monograph provides an overview of the master's life and works in all media. Comprising introductory essays, seven chapters embracing Hokusai's entire career and some 700 illustrations, it presents and analyses a large selection of Hokusai's finest works in all media, covering his whole career and giving a scholarly and up-to-date interpretation of the artist and his significance. This big and beautiful book presents a comprehensive survey of the work of one of Japan's greatest and most influential artists, together with a collection of essays that focus on a key aspects of the master's career. The book opens with an introductory essay by Gian Carlo Calza presenting an overview of the changing world Hokusai was born into and lived through. This is followed by a series of essays by distinguished Western and Japanese scholars that present new research on a range of crucial areas of interest in Hokusai studies. These provide a context for the core of the book, which forms a retrospective of H

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