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Biochemistry for Dummies


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Are you baffled by biochemistry? You’re not the first, and you won’t be the last. Here’s the good news — you don’t have to stay baffled! Biochemistry For Dummies shows you the fun and easy way to get a handle on biochemistry, apply the science, raise your grades, and prepare yourself to ace any standardized test. This friendly, unintimidating guide presents an overview of the material covered in a typical college–level biochemistry course and makes biochemistry basics easy to understand. It explains all the topics and practical applications in plain English. From cell ultrastructure and carbohydrates to amino acids, proteins, and supramolecular structure, you’ll identify biochemical structures and reactions, send your grades soaring, and start looking forward to your next class, instead of dreading it. Discover how to: * Master biochemistry basics * Work through biochemistry problems * Prepare for standardized tests * Grasp amino acid and protein structures * Nail down enzyme terminology * Get a grip on the Michaelis–Menton equation * Load up on carbo knowledge * Crack the nucleic acid code * Learn to love lipids — but not too much * Master the ABCs of vitamins * Apply biochem in everyday life * Explore a career in the field From water chemistry to protein synthesis Biochemistry For Dummies gives you the vital information, clear explanations, and important insights you need to increase your understanding and improve your performance on any biochemistry test.

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