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The Unseen Ansel Adams (Jason Weems)


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Compendium Publishing: Ansel Adams (1902-1984) was probably America's greatest landscape photographer. Well known for his wonderful photographs of the American West and primarily Yosemite, his black and white photography is perfect for reproduction in calendars and posters and can be seen widely. Less well-known is the Fiat Lux collection of his work. In March 1963, Adams and Nancy Newhall were commissioned by Clark Kerr, then President of the University of California, to produce a book to commemorate the centennial of the University. Four years later, Fiat Lux: The University of California was published. It captured in stark monochrome in the 1960s' university campuses, people, and properties statewide. The Unseen Ansel Adams reprises this collection, choosing images that even today look as fresh and convincing as they did when taken forty years ago.

About the Author

A publisher with more then twenty years' experience, Ian Westwell started a writing career more than ten years ago and has since written more than twenty non-fiction titles.

Rok vydania: 2010 ISBN: 1849120129 Rozmer: neuvedený