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Surf Science : An Introduction to Waves for Surfing (Tony Butt)


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Alison Hodge: 'an excellent resource for surfers who want a simple understanding of the how's and why's of wave creation and surf conditions. ... 'The large-scale, worldwide wind/weather patterns were explained exceptionally well ... Group propagation was fascinating ... There were great explanations of how bathymetry (ocean bottom contour) and refraction helps characterize waves.' (hisurfadvisory.com, October 2004) 'explains in simple, easy to understand fashion, the dynamics behind wave creation, from how swells are generated to how topographical variables affect wave shape and quality. For that reason alone, it should be a requisite read for all coastal activists concerned about beach and surf preservation.' (Surfrider Foundation, Making Waves, 20-5/15) 'holds interest for anyone who loves the sea and wants to understand it better. The authors present sophistictaed concepts such as swell generation and dispersal, and the influence of temperature variation and the tides on surf, in accessible, engaging language' (The Age, theage.com.au, 20.11.04) 'jam-packed with many helpful graphs, diagrams, photographs' (Longboard Magazine, February 2005) 'with the release of Surf Science, we now hold all the technical knowledge we need - at our fingertips. ... '... Surf Science provides readers with an easy-to-read, in depth explanation of the topic with a specific focus on how the conditions influence our sport. ' ... This crash course in wave prediction not only shows how to read complicated satellite and computer models, but it also contains a wide-ranging list of additional resources for further study.' (Eastern Surf, vol. 13:100, October 2004) 'clearly reaches out to both surfers and those interested in the surf ... great color graphics and color photos. 'The book is well-written and well-organized ... 'Another attractive aspect of this book is the historical perspective provided regarding wave research.' (David F. Naar, Associate Professor, College of Marine Science, University of South Florida, Oceanography, vol. 18, no. 2, June 2005) 'Extremely well-illustrated and compiled.' (Publishers Weekly, PW Daily for Booksellers, 25.08.04)

The Surfer's Path, Issue 33, October/November 2002

‘So who would benefit from this book? Well, it's hard to think of a surfer who wouldn't...'

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