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Minecraft Nightlight Diamond Ore


🍎 Je nám ľúto, ale predaj už skončil

We have to admit that once we built our dream house in Minecraft our regular world house paled in comparison. Alas, a building of that magnificence in our neck of the woods would cost far more than the amount of bananas we make as ThinkGeek monkeys. We must continue to build our dreams in pixels...

If you dream of living in your own Minecraft creations, we think you´d like to sleep by the warm glow of the Minecraft Redstone Ore Night Light. It´s guaranteed to keep the boogie oogie pigmen from coming out of your closet to murder you in your sleep. Tap once for low light, a second time for medium, and a third time for bright. (Five is right out.) ((Actually, tapping it five times will bring you back to low.)) Of course, you could get a truckload of these and start building your own Minecraft-inspired bedroom...

Product Specifications

- Night light for fans of Minecraft
- Officially licensed Minecraft collectible
- Tap to light up: low, medium, high, off
- ABS plastic construction, glows with internal LEDs
- Batteries: 2 AA
- Dimensions: 10 x 10 x 10 cm
- Exclusive product designed and manufactured by ThinkGeek

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