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"Vogue" Make-up (Juliet Cohen)


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Carlton Books: In "Vogue Make-up", Juliet Cohen throws open her make-up bag and regales us with smart beauty tips from the experts and recommendations from the cosmetic counters. With insider knowledge and professional advice, the book covers all aspects of make-up, from colour eyeshadows to concealers, mascaras to manicures. "Vogue Make-up" demystifies techniques with advice from beauty gurus and make-up artists, giving you the confidence to experiment with colour and different looks. Learn the tricks of the trade - shaping your brows to accentuate your face shape, shading your eyeshadow to make your eyes look larger or using lip colour for full, kissable lips.

About the Author

Juliet Cohen, former beauty editor at Tatler and Saturday Telegraph Magazine, is a freelance writer, contributing to a number of publications including Vogue, Marie Claire Health & Beauty and Zest. She is a contributor to Vogue Beauty (also published by Carlton Books).

Rok vydania: 2007 ISBN: 9781844421022 Rozmer: neuvedený