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Kniha A Devil's Chaplain : Selected Writings (Richard Dawkins) -

A Devil's Chaplain : Selected Writings (Richard Dawkins)

Orion (2004)

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Orion Publishing Co: 'there is a lovely tribute to Dawkins's friend Douglas Adams, some interesting speculations on the next few decades of genetic engineering, an explanation of what crystals really are, and some heartfelt reminiscences of Africa.' (Steven Poole THE GUARDIAN )

'his arguments sing with clear-eyed passion and conviction' (Patrick Nees THE DAILY TELEGRAPH )

'this erudite collection...... where Dawkins assesses the work of his late rival Stephen Jay Gould is essential reading.' (Travis Elborough THE SUNDAY TIMES )

'His passion collapses the notion that scientists are lab-coated androids.' (SUNDAY HERALD )

"A rare treat and it comes in seven servings, each essay will grip you at once." (NEW SCIENTIST )

"A must-read for fans and non-fans alike and for people of an independent mind everywhere." (THE HERALD )

Rok vydania: 2004 Rozmer: neuvedený ISBN: 0753817500