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DVD Fleetwood Mac: Live In Boston -

Fleetwood Mac: Live In Boston


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Rok vydání: 2003

DVD I.: 1.The Chain 2.Dreams 3.Eyes Of The World 4.Peacekeeper 5.Second Hand News 6.Say You Will 7.Never Going Back Again 8.Rhiannon 9.Come 10.Gypsy 11.Big Love 12.Landslide
DVD II.: 1.Say Goodbye 2.What's The World Coming To 3.Beautiful Child 4.Gold Dust Woman 5.I'm So Afraid 6.Silver Springs 7.Tusk 8.Stand Back 9.Go Your Own Way 10.World Turning 11.Don't Stop 12.Goodbye Baby
CD BONUS: 1.Eyes Of The World 2.Dreams
3.Rhiannon 4.Come 5.Big Love 6.Landslide 7.Silver Springs 8.So Afraid 9.Stand Back 10.Go Your Own Way

Rok vydania: 2004 Rozmer: neuvedený