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DVD Over The Hedge [2006] -

Over The Hedge [2006]


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Based on a comic strip by Michael Fry and T Lewis, OVER THE HEDGE sees a ragtag group of forest critters awaken from hibernation to find that their forest has been turned into a suburban housing development. The only thing standing between them and the humans is a great, towering hedge where their forest used to be. This is bad news for the furry friends, who are just about to start their annual forage for food. Overhearing the critters' concerns, a crafty, streetwise raccoon named RJ (Bruce Willis) moves in with the promise of a cornucopia of mouth-watering delights... just over the hedge. But what Verne and his pals don't know is that RJ's intentions are less than honourable: he plans to let his new friends do all the legwork, gathering the food at great risk to their own lives, so that he can repay a debt to a rather large, angry bear. Meanwhile, on the other side of the hedge, the uptight president of the neighbourhood homeowner's committee has enlisted the services of the Verminator (think: Rentokil meets Arnie), to rid the area of its 'pests'. It's all-out war as the animals infiltrate the world of humans, dodging traps and angry canines just to get their paws on the tasty stuff. Will the loving woodland family emerge victorious, or will the spoils of suburbia run them out of the small patch of land they have left? And will RJ stick by his new family, or just keep looking out for himself? OVER THE HEDGE features top-notch animation, a delightfully witty script that deals with the perils of suburbanisation without being preachy, an all-star line-up of vocal talent (including Gary Shandling, Wanda Sykes, Steve Carrell, William Shatner, and Eugene Levy), and music by Ben Folds.

Rok vydania: 2006 Rozmer: neuvedený