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Kniha Our Father (Jorge Mario Bergoglio – pápež František) - Jorge Mario Bergoglio – pápež František

Our Father (Jorge Mario Bergoglio – pápež František)

Reflections on the Lord's Prayer

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Discover what The Lord's Prayer really means, reinterpreted for a modern audience. In this new work by the much loved Pope Francis, he offers remarkable insights into what the most popular prayer in Christianity can tell us about living a life of meaning, purpose and strength. Going through the prayer verse by verse he reminds us of its timeless words, and addresses the concerns of us all, whether Christian or not, seeking to guide us while exploring the importance of social justice, helping others and forgiveness - all key elements of Pope Francis' papacy. Through his eyes, we realise the sentiments in Our Father are very much of today's world, challenging our doubts and bringing us courage.

Jazyk: anglický Rok vydania: 2018 Rozmer: 135×184 mm ISBN: 9781846045905 Počet strán: 144 Väzba: pevná

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