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Kniha Buttercream Flowers for All Seasons (Valeri Valeriano, Christina Ong) - Valeri Valeriano, Christina Ong

Buttercream Flowers for All Seasons (Valeri Valeriano, Christina Ong)

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Blooming marvellous cake decorating ideas for spring, summer, autumn and winter... all made with delicious buttercream! This stunning collection of floral buttercream cake decorating projects for all seasons is brought to you by the world's leading instructors of buttercream techniques, Queen of Hearts Couture Cakes, bestselling authors of The Contemporary Buttercream Bible, 100 Buttercream Flowers and Buttercream One-Tier Wonders. Bursting at the seams with beautiful buttercream blooms, this bumper cake decorating book gives you all the inspiration and know-how you need to create sensational floral cakes all year round. Each of the 16 design concepts is presented as a spectacular tiered cake, a more accessible single tier cake and a beginner-friendly batch of cupcakes, making over 48 projects in total! From piping buttercream flowers on cupcakes to creating jaw-dropping buttercream wedding cakes—this is the ultimate guide to cake decorating with buttercream flowers.

Jazyk: anglický Rok vydania: 2018 Rozmer: 210×273 mm ISBN: 9781446306642 Počet strán: 144 Väzba: brožovaná

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