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Blu-ray American Graffiti [Blu-ray][Region Free] - Ron Howard, Paul Le Mat, George Lucas

American Graffiti [Blu-ray][Region Free]

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In early Sixties, pre-Vietnam America, a bunch of teens go cruising in their hometown after the annual school dance.

Steve (Ron Howard) and Curt (Richard Dreyfuss) are meant to be leaving for college the next day, but Steve's girlfriend Laurie (Cindy Williams) doesn't want him to go and Curt is also beginning to have doubts.

Meanwhile, class nerd Terry (Charles Martin Smith) has an unexpected encounter with an older woman, and John (Paul LeMat), the owner of the fastest car on the street, tries to get rid of a precocious 13-year-old he has mistakenly picked up.

George Lucas' second feature was an enormous box-office hit and heralded a wave of rock'n'roll nostalgia, inspiring the TV series 'Happy Days'.

Harrison Ford also appears in an early role.

Herci: Ron Howard, Paul Le Mat, Charles Martin Smith, Candy Clark

Jazyk: anglický Rok vydania: 2016 Rozmer: 135×170 mm Dĺžka: 107 Obal: Blu-ray obal

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