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Kniha Project 5 Plus Studenťs Book (Tom Hutchinson) [EN] - Tom Hutchinson

Project 5 Plus Studenťs Book (Tom Hutchinson) [EN]

Project 5 Plus SB - mezinárodní verze - OXFORD - Jazyk: EN - 88 str. - ISBN: 978-0-943655-0-5 - Kniha

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Project is a five-level English course which starts from beginner level and is based on the principle of creating interest in young minds through motivating topics which bring English to life.

Project Plus is primaly a revision course of levels 1-4 with the emphasis on skills extension. Students consolidate and practise the English that they already know through stimulating reading and speaking material at the same time as extending their vocabulary. A new section, Extensive reading, includes a variety of extra reading texts which will appeal to the age group.

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Jazyk: anglický Rok vydania: 2002 Rozmer: 220×275 mm ISBN: 0194365506 Počet strán: 87 Väzba: brožovaná

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