Backbeat [1994] (DVD)

Intersonic (2004)

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This hard-driving, energetic drama centres on the promising painter and fifth Beatle Stuart Sutcliffe (Stephen Dorff) and a love triangle between him, German photographer Astrid Kirchherr (Sheryl Lee) and John Lennon (Ian Hart). Driven by art rather than music, Sutcliffe must choose between his true passion and certain superstardom.
A reconstruction of the legendary British rock group's early days, before the advent of Beatlemania and world-wide fame. The story focuses on the turbulent and exciting period that the Beatles' spent in Hamburg, Germany in 1960-62, when they played in a series of rough-and-tumble dives and came into contact with cutting-edge artists like Astrid, who helped shape the group's image. Ultimately, Sutcliffe's departure made way for the success of one of the greatest phenomena in rock music history.

Jazyk: anglický Rok vydania: 2004 Dĺžka: 100 Obal: DVD obal