A Civil Action - Dvd [1999] (DVD)


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Special Features

1.78 Anamorphic Wide Screen
Region 2
Dolby Digital 5.1 English German\Dolby Digital Surround Czech Hungarian
Dolby Digital 5.1
Dolby Digital Surround
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Jan Schlichtmann, a tenacious young lawyer, is confronted with the litigation of a lifetime in this unbelievable real-life story. Several families in the small town of Woburn, Massachusetts, have suffered the tragic losses of their children to the rare cancer known as leukemia. After having their claim rejected by most law firms in town, these citizens approach Schlichtmann with the possibility that the deaths of their children may have had to do with Woburn's drinking water supply being contaminated by a couple of local businesses. The rub lies in the fact that these businesses are offshoots of two of the most powerful national corporations in the country! Schlichtmann must push his skill and craftiness as a lawyer to the limit in order to oust his opponents, who are working with a limitless bankroll. Based on the great fact-based novel.

Rok vydania: 2000 Rozmer: neuvedený