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Kniha Echo´s Bones (Samuel Beckett) - Samuel Beckett

Echo´s Bones (Samuel Beckett)

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'Echo's Bones' was intended by Samuel Beckett to form the 'recessional' or end-piece of his early collection of interrelated stories, More Pricks Than Kicks, published in 1934. The story was written at the request of the publisher, but was held back from inclusion in the published volume. 'Echo's Bones' has remained unpublished to this day, and the present edition will situate the work in terms of its biographical context, its intertextual references, and as a vital link in the evolution of Beckett's early work. The editor, Mark Nixon, is director of the Beckett International Foundation at the University of Reading.

Jazyk: anglický Rok vydania: 2014 Rozmer: 142×221 mm ISBN: 9780571246380 Počet strán: 122 Väzba: pevná s prebalom

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