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DVD Resident Evil Trilogy 1-3 (4-DVD) -

Resident Evil Trilogy 1-3 (4-DVD) (DVD)


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Milla Jovovich, Thomas Kretschmann, Sandrine Holt, Ali Larter, Iain Glen
Directors: Paul W.S. Anderson, Alexander Witt, Russell Mulcahy

Alice (Milla Jovovich) battles against virus infected zombies in the thrilling, action-packed Resident Evil trilogy.
In Resident Evil, a research laboratory is invaded by a bio-engineered virus and Alice and Rain must put a stop to the spread of the deadly bug.
In Resident Evil 2 - Apocalypse, the sinister Umbrella Corporation sends a team of investigators into their destroyed underground lab and unwittingly unleash the still-staggering zombies and monsters out into the population of Raccoon City. Soon Umbrella has evacuated all of their own key employees and has shut everyone else inside to be devoured.
After being held captive and being experimented on, Resident Evil - Extinction sees a biologically altered Alice reunite with fellow survivors in order to save the world from further catastrophe.

Rozmer: 135×190 mm Obal: DVD obal

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