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Kniha The Sound And The Fury (Vintage Classics, William Faulkner) - William Faulkner

The Sound And The Fury (Vintage Classics, William Faulkner)

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Vintage Classics: With an introduction by Richard Hughes

Ever since the first furore was created on its publication in 1929, The Sound and the Fury has been considered one of the key novels of this century. Depicting the gradual disintegration of the Compson family through four fractured narratives, The Sound and the Fury explores intense, passionate family relationships where there is no love, only self-centredness. At its heart this is a novel about lovelessness - 'only an idiot has no grief; only a fool would forget it. What else is there in this world sharp enough to stick to your guts?' (19941028)

A towering, intense novel of family from the winner of the Nobel Prize for Literarture. (20040923)

Jazyk: anglický Rok vydania: 1995 Rozmer: 130×196 mm ISBN: 9780099475019 Počet strán: 288 Väzba: brožovaná

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