The Late Show (Michael Connelly) (Paperback)

Orion: Meet the brand new detective from the modern master of crime fiction...*****CRIME NEVER SLEEPS.Los Angeles can be a...

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Meet the brand new detective from the modern master of crime fiction...



Los Angeles can be a dangerous city - never more so than in the dead of night. Detective Renée Ballard, once one of the department's young hotshots, now works 'The Late Show', the notorious graveyard shift at the LAPD.

It's a thankless job keeping strange hours in a twilight world of tragedy and violence, handing over her investigations as the sun rises, never getting closure.

Some nights are worse than others. And tonight is the worst yet. Two cases: a brutal assault, and a multiple murder with no suspect.

Ballard knows it is always darkest before dawn. But what she doesn't know is how deep her dual investigation will take her into the dark heart of her city, her department and her past...

If you're already a fan you'll love THE LATE SHOW. If you haven't read a Connelly book yet: now is the perfect time to start.


'One of the great crime writers' Daily Mail

'A master of the genre' Stephen King

'Crime thriller writing of the highest order' Guardian

'The consistency of his excellency is remarkable' LA Times

'The greatest living American crime writer' Mirror

'A crime writing genius' Independent on Sunday

Jazyk: anglický Rok vydania: 2017 Rozmer: 153×234 mm ISBN: 9781409147534 Počet strán: 400 Väzba: brožovaná