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Kniha Banská Bystrica and surroundings - Karol Demuth, Pavel Hrúz, Milan Šoka, Peter Urban, Lucia Demuthová, Fedor Mikovič (editor)

Banská Bystrica and surroundings

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Banská Bystrica offers its handful of agelong charm, distinctive and rich, history-imprinted atmosphere, and a scenic surrounding formed by a mountainous wreath of Low Tatras, Kremnické vrchy, Veľká Fatra and Slovenské stredohorie to both its visitors and citizens.
It is no miracle that there were written the following words by a poet Andrej Plávka about this jewell of Slovak towns: “It has a proper edge and a good reputation, this town. In great demand it is kept by its purity, authenticity, and fadeless glory”.
The right of a free royal town was given by Belo IV to Nova Villa Bystriciensis in 1255. Since the 13th century, the destiny of its citizens is bound to silver but especially copper mining. The latter made the town and its close mines and smelters wellknown in the whole of the then world.
An eloquent testimony of prosperity of both material and spiritual aspects of medieval “copper” Banská Bystrica is given by numerous monuments of Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, and Classicism. The most precious ones form a historical centre of the town which belongs undoubtedly amongst the most beautiful and impressive urbanistic complexes in Slovakia.
All of these and many other facts, both of past and present Banská Bystrica, you, dear readers, will learn from our guidebook in its third updated edition that we try to aim your attention to in love with the town and respect to its citizens.
Fedor Mikovic, editor

Jazyk: anglický Rok vydania: 2015 Rozmer: 215×221 mm ISBN: 9788089189229 Počet strán: 184 Väzba: flexi

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