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Kniha The Homebrew Handbook (Dave Law) (Hardcover) - Dave Law

The Homebrew Handbook (Dave Law) (Hardcover)

Vydavatel: Cico Počet strán: 144 Rozmery: 1.9 x 20.3 x 24.8 cm ISBN: 9781908170248 Väzba: pevná väzba (Hardcover)

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Rise-up against the watery, wimpish beers you generally find on store shelves and produce your own beers packed with big, bold flavours. Following the explosion of interest in properly brewed beer, The Homebrew Handbook is here to provide the knowledge to allow beer enthusiasts to make their own. Packed full of 75 recipes for everything from stouts and porters to IPAs, wheat beers and pilsners, you will learn how easy it is to brew your own beers bursting with taste. So whether you like you like a hoppy, crisp finish, or a biscuity, malty taste, you are certain to find the right beer for you.

Jazyk: anglický Rok vydania: 2012 Rozmer: 200×250 mm ISBN: 9781908170248  Počet strán: 145 Väzba: pevná

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