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Kniha Fashion Designers, A-Z: Diane Von Furstenberg... (Valerie Steele , Suzy Menkes) - Valerie Steele, Suzy Menkes

Fashion Designers, A-Z: Diane Von Furstenberg... (Valerie Steele , Suzy Menkes)

Taschen: The first printing is available as a series of "Designer Editions". Each edition will be bound in a fabric from one...

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Taschen: The first printing is available as a series of "Designer Editions". Each edition will be bound in a fabric from one of six designers in the book and comes in a plexiglass box. The "Diane von Furstenberg Edition", limited to just 1,000 copies comes covered in the "DVF Signature Chain Link" motif, printed on cotton. From Azzedine Alaia, Cristobal Balenciaga, and Coco Chanel, to Alexander McQueen, Yves Saint Laurent, and Vivienne Westwood, the greatest fashion designers of the 20th and 21st centuries are featured in the permanent collection of The Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology. The curators of America's premier fashion museum have selected 500 masterpieces of the art of fashion, providing a visual guide to the history of fashion. Known for its innovative and award-winning exhibitions and its outstanding permanent collection of more than 50,000 garments and accessories, The Museum at FIT in New York City is one of only a handful of museums in the world devoted to the art of fashion. The Museum has built its collection around aesthetically and historically significant "directional" fashion-the kind of clothing and accessories that move fashion forward. The designers are organized from A-Z: Adrian, Balenciaga, Chanel, Dior...through Xuly Bet, Yamamoto, and Zoran. Photographs of selected garments from the Museum's permanent collection illuminate each of the featured designers, while curatorial texts explain why each designer is important in fashion history and what is special about the individual pieces featured. In addition to showcasing 100 of the most important designers of the last century with essays by the curators at FIT and illustrations by Robert Nippoldt, this book also includes a foreword by Suzy Menkes and explores how a fashion museum goes about collecting and exhibiting fashion. In her introductory essay, director and chief curator Valerie Steele writes about the rise of the fashion museum, and the emergence of the fashion exhibition as a popular and controversial phenomenon. Printed on cotton canvas, the "Signature Chain Link" print selected by Diane von Furstenberg for the DVF edition epitomizes the designer's balance between retro glamour and modern chic. The first print ever designed by DVF, the "Chain Link" has been a classic since it was launched in 1972, and was worn by Michelle Obama on the official White House Christmas Card in 2009. Now that is staying power.

About the Author

The editor and author:
Valerie Steele is director and chief curator of The Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology and founding editor of "Fashion Theory." Described in "The Washington Post" as one of "fashion's brainiest women," Steele combines serious scholarship (and a Yale Ph.D.) with a rare ability to communicate with general audiences. As author, curator, editor, and public intellectual, Steele has been instrumental in creating the modern field of fashion studies.
The contributing author:
Undisputed doyenne of the international fashion press, Suzy Menkes is head fashion editor of the "International Herald Tribune." Among the world's most influential fashion critics, she is an officer of the Order of the British Empire as well as a chevalier of the "Legion d'Honneur." She lives and works in Paris.

Jazyk: anglický, francúzsky, nemecký Rok vydania: 2012 Rozmer: 262×336 mm ISBN: 9783836543002 Počet strán: 654 Väzba: pevná

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