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Rene Staud

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Neo Classics

Jürgen Lewandowski, Rene Staud, Te Neues (2019)
From Factory to Legendary in 0 Seconds

Faster, more powerful, more exclusive: whether they're called supercars or hypercars, these are turbo-charged fantasies in chrome. For most of us, however, they will remain dreams on wheels... Zobraziť viac

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The Classic Cars Book

Rene Staud, Te Neues (2016)
teNeues Media: René Staud's bestselling must-have for car fans and collectors alike now available in a smaller format....

A stunning small format edition of the bestselling The Classic Cars Book, published in 2014! This is a visual history of the world's most legendary motor cars, from popular classics, to priceless one-offs, and some serious boy-toys. Zobraziť viac

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